Five essentials for a lazy green beach bag

Originally posted on A Lazy Girl Goes Green:
Summer is slowly but surely coming to a close and, here in Cornwall, I’ve noticed an influx of last minute beach goers desperate to enjoy the last few weeks of the summer sun. Even woodland fairies like me – who prefer a welly-booted walk through an enchanted…

Ginger bread

I found a jar of crystalized ginger in syrup, at the back of the fridge, so I decided to bake a ginger bread – in the bread machine. The recipe is totally free of animal products so ok for vegans. Recipe (for a medium sized load) 400 grams of whole-wheat flour 280 ml of soya…

Mocca-Choca Bliss Balls

Sweet n quick, bring it on! Great recipe from Happy Earthlings. Source: Mocca-Choca Bliss Balls

Canterbury Tales

I took a little trip to Canterbury a beautiful, small city in Kent, UK. Of course many people have heard about the Canterbury Tales, which used to be a main stay of English Lit at school. Having spent a lot of time in Italy, I came across a pilgrims walk called Via Francigena, which has its…

Garden in the sun

Beautiful weekend in South Devon in the UK, what a glorious autumn we are having!

Sweet Thai Green Curry

Great recipe from The Tiny Vegan Kitchen, fantastic favours and colours. Thanks for sharing! Source: Sweet Thai Green Curry

Whole-wheat bread

Monday is bread baking day, because we’ve eaten all the bread and no one wanted to bake on Sunday – it’s a day for going out! I’ve been experimenting with various flour types and educating myself on what is really inside a loaf of bread. Needless to say, whole-wheat bread, does not ‘always’ just contain whole-wheat but…

Organic apples

I bumped into an organic orchard at the weekend, which was very small and informal, where you could purchase a bag of apples for two euros. I was a bit cheeky and took one off the tree, which I ate as I walked around the park. I’m going to see what I can rustle up…

Toadstool find

I noticed these toadstools on my walk this afternoon, I haven’t seen anything like this for a long time. It’s good to wander around a park, open to the public, where flora and fauna is left undisturbed.

Beautiful garden in the sun

I decided to have a trip out to a local castle with grounds, which is a beautiful place as it’s fairly low key and mainly operates with the help of volunteers. The nice thing is that the grounds and garden are very natural and full of bees, dragon flies and butterflies – even at the…